Deloitte Forecasts the Future of Sports Broadcasting

Deloitte is providing professional services to U.S. Soccer as the organization seeks to meet its goals and fulfill its mission. This includes developing an organizational-wide sustainability strategy, defining a roadmap for future technology, and identifying a world-class home for the National Training Center.

The company is also helping sports fans engage in new ways. In a recent presentation, Deloitte Global Sports Practice Head Pete Giorgio and Sinclair Sports managing director Adam Deutsch outlined how they plan to engage fans and communities in new ways. The speakers discussed how technology can help the industry change its culture.

Deloitte’s report highlights trends, opportunities, and challenges for the industry. The report also outlines emerging trends and technologies that will shape the future of sports. With an increasing number of fans using mobile devices, digital content, and other new technologies, sports organizations need to find new ways to connect with their fans and generate revenue. In addition, sports organizations must focus on societal issues that may impact the industry.

Fans now have more options for watching sports, and many of them use streaming services to view their favorite events. As a result, teams and streaming services are competing for the same audience.

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